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the meat & wine co.


Where to start? For a restaurant of this class I was completely horrified by the experience.

We were the FIRST table to be seated outside out of approximately 15 tables. We were the LAST to receive our food. Other tables were on to their mains before our entrees arrived. After 45 minutes or so the manager/head waiter approached us and explained that she had accidentally put our entrees through as mains and that was why we hadn’t received anything. We got a free drink each. 

Then two of three entrees arrived. Then literally 2 minutes later our mains arrived. Then five minutes after that we received the final entree. Thanks Meat & Wine Co., we really want 2 dishes each at once. 

After this mega wait/disjointed experience the food was actually quite good. The wagyu beef burger [pictured below] was decent, and so were the steaks and the ribs. The ‘super crunchy’ chips were impressive. It’s really too bad we had to have such a bad experience. 


Now, here’s for the shocking part. About two and a half hours after eating, I started to feel bloated and sick… then I spent 20 minutes throwing up in my hotel bathroom. I didn’t eat anything in between Meat & Wine and my barfy fiasco. I had a calamari entree… did I get bad seafood?  Was it food poisoning? I’ll certainly be calling them up to let them know what happened. 

We wouldn’t go back. Would you? 

Rating: after that experience, we don’t really feel like it even deserves one star. 

(02) 9211 9888 

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